Why Medicine in Nepal for Indian students?

Why medicine in Nepal for Indian students

Why Medicine in Nepal for Indian students?

There is a friendly relation among India and Nepal, thus it also benefited the peoples of both nation. Nowadays, Indian students are keenly interested to pursue medicine from Nepal. Nepal is a preferable option for India students due to effective cost and similar study curriculum. However, the medical colleges are fully equipped.

At present, a lot of students from different parts of India are approaching Nepalese medical colleges.  You might hesitate or have the several doubts regarding Nepalese colleges and their environment before starting medical career. But there are various reason to support the title “Why Study medicine in Nepal”.

Most of Nepalese medical colleges are known for high standard education in country and highly esteemed for being dominating and superior in the field of modern medicine. Moreover, Medicine programs are taught in English-medium for international students. Therefore are now lots of medical aspirants from India are approaching Nepal to become a successful medical practitioner.

Almost all medical colleges and public universities in Nepal falls under MCI list are directly regulated by the Nepalese government and have been approved to enroll international students. These institutions are also recognized by the World Health Organization and Medical council of India.

Meanwhile, to help international students who come to learn medicine, College offer a preferable environment in campus and hostels for studies. The weather varies from region to region in Nepal, so each institutions has its own beauty and qualities. Students can enjoy their study life on campus or travel around the city on vacation and experience the magnificent and attraction of Nepalese culture, and custom, Himalayan Mountains, etc.

Studying medicine in Nepal could be 70% cheaper than undertaking a same course in the China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Nepal offer great education infrastructure within low cost tuition fees and living expenses. Economical fees structure for international students is like a gift voucher. The tuition fees of Medical College in Nepal are highly subsidized by the Ministry of education and government of Nepal to promote education.

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