Is Nepalese Medical Colleges are Good or bad?

Is Nepalese Medical Colleges are Good or bad?


In our society “Doctor is the face of God” and known as the one of the reputed profession in past, present and still continues as a prestigious and demanding profession in Future. Rather than opting medicine from western, Eurasian, Middle East countries, students get attracted by the Nepalese Medical Colleges due to various reasons. The basic reason behind the Nepalese medical education is multiple career Opportunities, affordable education, less competition and sufficient infrastructure facilities.

Apart from this there are various tourist place, picturesque spots and culture calls international students to learn and explore Nepal. Most often when it comes to pursue medicine in abroad, Indian students prefer Nepal for studies. There are various factors favoring medical education in Nepal.

It is not easy for many students to afford high tuition fees. However, fees structure of Nepalese college is one of the most important factor helping the students to gain highly reputed degree at low cost tuition fees. While in case Indian private colleges which fees structure is very high and same applies in case of other medical college or universities. Hence, Nepal is the most relevant destination to attain medical studies.

In current scenario, where world is developing very fast so medical sector also have to be advance as per the need of current requirements. Inadequate infrastructure in Indian colleges is the biggest setback in growth of medicine education. In contrary, Nepal offer world class infrastructure, latest equipment and well maintained laboratories and audio-video classrooms for easy studies.

In journey to become a successful Doctor it is very important to learn all aspects related with medical field means you have to maintain equal balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Thus the more you take advantage of abroad education, it will be beneficial for you to gain experience and perform excellent in field of Medicine. Nepalese medical college like Institute of Medicine, provide special importance to fulfill this requirement one year internship is very compulsory for the students to gain hand experience.

At the end we conclude, that seeking medical degree in Nepal is worth and fruitful for Indian and all international students.

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