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Gandaki Medical College: MBBS Fees, Eligibility and Admission Process

Gandaki Medical College


Gandaki Medical College was said to be established in the year 2007. The college has a great environment of mainly promoting learning from various cultures, Indian students and a culture that is exactly similar to the homeland of Nepal. The college has been one of the main reasons why there are so much development and growth in the field of medical sciences. The college is located inside the beautiful city of Pokhara, Nepal. The main vision of the college was to provide education to the students who are indeed seeking for more knowledge. The vision is indeed much more trustworthy when it comes to an institution having a worldwide presence, in the medical sector. The college has always committed to providing the required high-quality education to its students when it comes to healthcare services.

Gandaki Medical CollegeThe college is responsible for maintaining a strict discipline when it comes to the activities of the student inside the college. If there’s any misbehavior done by the students, it will not at all be tolerated and the rules & regulations laid down by the community are indeed very strict, to say the least. The college mainly comprises BDS, MBBS, BSc, Nursing, BNS, MLT and the likes, when it comes to the numerous pharmacy programs laid down by the college. The pharmacy programs of the college have been affiliated to its teaching hospital, which was known as the Gandaki Teaching Hospital. The hospital has been provided with all the amenities required for training.


There’s no doubt that the college has been responsible for providing numerous programs and courses in the medical sector. The institution also offers specialized diploma courses as well, when it comes to particular subjects. The college currently deals with undergraduate MBBS degrees, postgraduate, pharmacy and nursing programs. The institution has already been recognized by the WHO or World Health Organisation as well as the Medical Council of India. As of the recent news, the MBBS course in Nepal is mainly five and a half years. The medium of instruction for every international student in English. The duration of internships for college students is about one year.

Gandaki Medical College location

The current Gandaki Medical College location is said to be within the wonderful site of Pokhara. The place has a beautiful landscape, along with a nice environment and mountain views to be enjoyed by the students who are studying there. The inhabitants of the place are indeed very nice and will welcome newcomers with open hands, thereby offering to serve the best. The college campus is mainly facing the Annapurna mountains and it’s also a favorite place for the tourists as well.

Address: Pokhara, Nepal


Gandaki Medical College admission

It should be remembered that without knowing the Gandaki Medical College admission procedures, no student should start filling up the admission form. This is because the laid out rules and regulations must be followed by every student so that there’s no confusion regarding this matter. The admission criteria are as follows:

  • The student should have passed his or her 10 + 2 standards from a reputed council or board of studies.
  • The candidate should be at least 17 years of age and the maximum age of entry is said to be 25 years.
  • The student should be at least NEET-UG qualified.
  • The medical aspirant should have a valid passport as well as a visa too.
  • The student should have obtained at least 50 percent aggregate marks in his or her 10 + 2 exams.
  • The candidate should be from a science background and should have studied the following subjects at the 10 + 2 level – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • The student should be able to show the relevant documents and certificates required for the admission.


Gandaki Medical College fees


While the usual segregation of fees for the college has not been revealed by the college yet, it should be known that the Gandaki Medical College fees structure is in-line with the other colleges located in Nepal. The total course fees charged by the college are 52,00,000 INR. The course extends to at least 5.5 years and an additional one year is provided for internship training.


The current national Gandaki Medical College ranking is said to be within 14 places, among all the other MBBS colleges located in Nepal. We currently don’t have the report regarding the ranking of the college on an international basis and will be updating this article as soon as we get the relevant news.


Students should know that Gandaki Medical College hostel facilities are available to every student who has been admitted into the college. There are currently two separate buildings for both boys and girls. The hostel is looked after by the experienced wardens, who are part of the non-teaching faculty. The place has a permanent security 24×7 ad takes care of all of the requirements of the students.