Climate of Nepal for internationals

Climate of Nepal for internationals


Climate of Nepal varies from one region to another. Weather of Nepal for international students is commendable. It varies according to its topography, altitude and sub-tropical ranges. Different type of climatic changes are observed in different parts of Nepal like, in plains climate is pleasant and soft however, summers are very hot and winters are cold. In winter tropical ranges above 3000 meters experience typical climate for example; sometime its rainy or chilled wind flows toward the grassland falls temperature to zero degree.

There are four different types of seasons experienced in Nepal namely; spring summer, monsoon and winter. These four seasons can be experienced throughout the year. As we all know climate and temperature has provide a big impact on our lives, it influence our food, health, clothes we carry and yeah our mood also. So let’s discuss the four seasons experienced by Nepal.

Start with spring season, generally spring begins from the mid of February and last till April. It is a season bright colors and soft pleasant climate. Day are bright with mild temperature, but sky are not as clear as in autumn seasons.

Next is summer season, considering climate of Nepal summer season is the hottest season through entire years. It spans from May to August. It is summers are more comfortable than monsoon humid temperature. However autumn’s are not too hot nor cold, it  is the best season for outdoor activities like mountain climbing, skydiving, rafting, trekking, jungle safari, etc. It is the best part on entire calendar because it is cool and comfortable for all types of peoples.

Further, Monsoon is another season of Nepal, most certainly it starts from mid of June and last till half of September. Monsson brings a lot of rainfall to Nepal. Wet days in summer are monsoon and dry days are properly summer season. You can experience rain shower due to climatic changes at any month in Nepal but basically rainfall happened from June to September.

At last winter season, generally winters are stated from end of September but that was Pink Winter, and cold days are starts from November to February. In this season temperature can be falls to minus degree and typical days were experienced in Kathmandu and other valley regions. Hence, winters are freezing and could be drop to -0 degree temperature in night.

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